About me

I'm a developer and I'm creating experiences for the next generation of consumer-facing companies

For a more traditional bio:

Pedro Valadão Matias has a passion for comunity, interfaces, technology and travel.
He co-founded Portugal Multimedia and worked in a few companies before that.
He graduated, at School of Communication and Media Studies, Lisbon.
With roots in technology and design, he can hold a conversation about best UI, UX and A11Y practices as well as infrastructure, cibersecurity and performance.

Now some notes in not creepy third person:

I love design and I love performance. I try to bridge the dots to create good user experiences.
I'm a full-stack developer, a forever curious and deep critic kind of person.
Born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal, I now live in sunny Cascais next to the ocean.
Growing up, I enjoyed disassemble and reassemble things, but it was always in the service of an idea for making better or different. Actually I still do.


Working with great teams to deliver great products to great clients.
As time goes by and experience grows I'm more and more convinced the secret for great work is to gather a great team.

Here is a selection of some works I helped bring to life


Garrett Audiovisuais asked for an interface for a domotics and multimedia integration system based on CUE-Systems.
The final client was Cristiano Ronaldo the football star.
I couldn't believe it when I was asked to do it. I think I just said 'ok...'
Everything went really well, but by the time it was delivered I just wish I had more time to redo it from the begining. it's just that I know I would've done so much better now. It was the first time I designed an interface for domotics and I learned a lot.
In the end, CR7 loved it, Garrett Audiovisuais liked the outcome as well, and I sure did enjoy and learned a lot while doing so.

The CR7 domotics job
cr7 domotics


Carnalentejana S.A. is an autochthonous cattle breed producer. They focus on the beef industry and the raw sale for big markets and they also have a few restaurants and stores of their own.
In 2014 I saw their website, it was kinda poor with no responsivity at all and loading time was absurd. So I reached them and proposed a new website. I would show them statistics in order to understand the return on investment, and as the time goes by we would see what was working and what was not.
The results were amazing. The visitors graph never stoped growing. The bounce rates suffered a tremendous fall, and in a general way we got an increase of 730% and a +7.5K visits in 2017.
I'm sorry for not displaying the wireframes here, but they're so different from what we have now online that it would make no sense.

Visit Carnalentejana


game recycling Let's get realistic, sometimes things go wrong. On a positive scope you win knowledge.
This job was about developing a simple game.
There was a snag though, the budget was ridiculously low. But I really wanted to do it so.. I accepted it.
The client said she had all the designs graphs, as she already had a graphic designer from germany to do that. Not what I expected to hear on a first meeting but, perhaps one less problem to think about, I (wrongly) thought.
The truth is I had to vectorize all graphics and create a few others, as all I was sent were some raster image files.

Lessons learned with this job is:
Don't trust a client to deliver quality materials. At the very least get to see and try to edit those materials first and negotiate after.

Visit the game

Always learning

This is a quiz game I made for fun. It's a quiz game where you answer questions based on computer science. These questions are 'grabbed' from a great API called Open Trivia Database.
The game is made with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I just wanted to learn how to build something like this, have fun doing it and hopefully grow as a developer. All my code is open sourced on Github. You're free to read, download, fork, and do whatever you want to do with it. I hope you learn something from it too. :)
If you have any suggestions, please just contact me through Github.

Visit the quiz game
cr7 domotics

What to expect from me

I'm a user centric professional.

I'm creating experiences for the next generation of consumer-facing companies. Because the experience extends beyond the products and services your company sells, I make sure your website escorts the user in an elegant journey that will empower the user with the will to become a consumers.

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Tools I use the most: Balsamiq, Adobe XD, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects and basically the whole Adobe Suite. For coding I use VS Code.
For data analysis I use Google Analytics, Hotjar and Excel.

I have a deep understanding about HTML5, CSS/SCSS, I'm proficient with JavaScript, have experience with JQuery, Vue.js, React, GSAP, D3 and a few other libraries and frameworks.
I know my way around PHP, Laravel and WordPress, and I also know PYTHON at an academic level.

Get in touch. Let's do something amazing!

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Cascais, Portugal